Hi guys!

Today I want to show some awesome pics that I took with the amazing Hannah from Hannah’s Pantry!
This was our second shoot together, it was so much fun and really scary how time flies when you are being creative! We were pretty fast while we were working and it was so great to try many different angles, colours and just see what worked the best.

If you want to know more about Hannah and how she started her business and why click HERE
For more about the product that we shot click HERE

As a fellow gluten-free person, I really love her products! They are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan!
And they are truly delicious! I fell in love with the packaging also, it is so pretty and gorgeous floral prints.

We shot the pictures at my house, natural light, just some small bouncers and we were really lucky because even if it was a little bit cloudy, the sun still shined through! We have had some conversations beforehand about what Hannah needed and what kind of background and colours. Moodboards are the best!

One thing we have also in common is that we love cats! During the photoshoot, my little cat friend Lucy came by. We are not allowed to have pets so I’m so happy to have a cat to cuddle whenever she drops by! Lucy was really thrilled to get attention from Hannah and it was a nice break for us from crawling around on the floor!

I love to support and work with other businesses because no matter what kind of business you have, you will always have something in common or a struggle that you trying to figuring out in your business! I love to help and I care so much to do a good job! So, I’m so happy that I met Hannah and that she trusted me with her beautiful products!

And here are some of the pics from this lovely photoshoot with Hannah’s Pantry 🙂 



July 17, 2019

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