I wanted to give you guys an update what is going on and what has happened last time I blogged.

First of all, thank you very much for every single one that has contacted me, shared my blog post and just been awesome human beings! I understand that some might find me a little bit crazy to be so vulnerable on my blog. It’s here I feel I have a voice. My two favourite places on Social media is Instagram and then my blog. Even if I have not blogged for a while, I needed this break to get things sorted and come back stronger.

I want to talk about the doubts, I want to talk about the hard things, I want to be honest with you guys of struggles, the victories and the journey that life really is. I’m a person that never wants to stop growing and I love documenting what is happening, in my journal and on here. Of course, I will not share everything that is going on in my life on the blog, just the things that I’m okay with talking about and that might help someone else.

I have read my last blog post one time more after I published it. And I still struggling to be kind to myself, to be the best friend to myself that I have been before. It is a journey and I know now that it will go up and down, that I need to be prepared that when there are hard seasons, the negative thoughts might come back. I know that there will be rainy days and it will not help me at all to deal with what is actually is happening in life – if I’m being mean to myself at the same time. It will get worse. I got messages from people that recognize themselves it what I wrote. And how sick it’s if you put your mean “self” like an actual human being that you would dump that friend immediately!

Let’s love each other better and ourselves better too.
To quote Maya Angela: If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
Not loving yourself or being kind to yourself should never ever be okay!

On that note, this has happened since 8thof March:

  • My husband and I have been on our honeymoon in beautiful St. Lucia in the Caribbean!
  • We have celebrated one year of marriage so we went to beautiful Scotland
  • I have been to Sweden for almost 2 weeks and Cornel (my husband) joined me in the last couple of days before we went for a mini getaway in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • I have had amazing photoshoots, met new people and learning new things that I will not stop until I know more about.
  • And to top it all up, I’m going for a doctor’s appointment about my PCOS that I found out that I have.

I will just blog today about the honeymoon so don’t be scared of me trying to squeeze everything in here!

I didn’t bring my camera with me everywhere we went, so it will be a mixture of high-quality pics and Instagram pics. We didn’t bring our phones at all when we went to the volcano trip, just a diving camera that was not the best of quality!

Photographer Mikaela Svarfvar

First things first, we had a brilliant honeymoon at St. Lucia. We got married last year 5th of May 2018 but because of work situations and also black mould in the apartment, we decided to wait to go for our honeymoon until we have found a place to live. We wanted to move out of London, somewhere with more nature and good commute for Cornel.

So, we waited 10 months to be exact for our honeymoon and it was so worth the wait! I think a lot of people feel pressured to go on their honeymoon directly after the wedding, I’m grateful that we waited for it worked out really well for us but I wished back in May 2018 that I could be a bride little bit longer and have that alone time with my husband direct after the wedding. We solved it really well though, we had a mini honeymoon in Bournemouth!

Photographer Mikaela Svarfvar

When we started to dream and think about the honeymoon we wanted All-inclusive (I have never experienced that), we wanted sun, beach, some adventure and relaxation. And it was exactly what we got!

We are in love with the Caribbean now, the people are so friendly and polite, the resort that we stayed at was perfect and our room gorgeous! Laying on the bed, listening to the ocean and funny birds singing was so unreal.

Pretty quickly we got into a routine, waking up around 06.00-06.30, grab our things, lay our stuff on the sunbeds while one of us stayed behind and looked at the water while the other person went to the café to get one hot chocolate and one cappuccino. Somedays we got some fruits with our drinks.

Then we sat there, looking at the water and just half sleeping almost. Sometimes the cats or the dogs that are frequent visitors at the resort comes up and I get all excited to pet them and maybe keep some bacon after the breakfast to feed them. The sun was much stronger than any country I have been before if you had missed on a little bit on your skin, it will leave a sunburn pretty quickly. We were shocked how strong the sun was and we were really careful and good with sun protection.

We ate a lot of wonderful foods, drank delicious cocktails, we swam, we went on a boat trip where we put volcano mud on each other, we drove a jet ski (I will never forget that adrenaline! That was brilliant!) we snorkelled, we went danced on the beach, went for walks and a lot of romantic dates. But most of all, we talked a lot especially because both of us was reading interesting books, the books brought interesting knowledge and topics for us to discuss and I felt that we became closer.
And we played ping-pong almost every day, we got really good at it!

It was absolutely lovely to be away for so many days and just enjoy 24/7 with my wonderful husband! The two last days we started to get a little bit bored so we worked out, that was intense because of the heat! We really enjoyed every single day and rested a lot, something that we both needed, especially Cornel. We were so content with our honeymoon so we were longing for our beautiful home in Kent, England.

I will always look back on our honeymoon with great joy and contentment, it was exactly what we needed, right then and there.

Photographer Mikaela Svarfvar

Who knows? If we didn’t wait with our honeymoon, we would have lived in the apartment with black mould longer and we both would get sicker and sicker! And we might not have got our lovely home because of the timing of us looking for a home at that time. I really believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m so grateful for the honeymoon but even more for my amazing husband. Whatever happens in life, I will go where he goes. We are a good team and I believe that we met for a reason and we need each other to go where we want to go in life.

I sit here, a little bit teary-eyed because who knew I would meet a South African, fall in love, distance relationship for one year, engaged in Stockholm, getting married, move to England and then live here in beautiful Sevenoaks. It sounds so simple and easy when I put like that but it has not been easy. With my husband by my side we are going to do great things, live a good life, help others and laugh a lot! Thank you for being the best companion to me, my beloved husband! I love spending my days in life together with you. Every single day counts.

Here are some more pics, maybe a repeat of some but it was easier to put them all together in a gallery 🙂


What happened and honeymoon in St. Lucia

June 25, 2019

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