7th of September 2019

Time to blog about wedding again! David & Delia have asked me not to show guests, children as such so there will be only be pictures of them in this blog post. And I just realised I probably 2-3 weddings that I have not blogged about!

It was really an international wedding, friends and family from Germany, USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway etc. One of my dear wedding couple was also there, Towe and Björn that got married this year in January!

Delia & David arrived, looking absolutely amazing together. The beautiful flowers are from Wild Florals in Cambridge, you can find the website HERE.

Ceremony was beautiful, readings and songs both in German and English. It was so clear for anyone there, that these two really love each other. I love the pictures in front of the alter, joyful and loving.

One of the funniest picture I got was their little son, leaving the rings to the priest and turning around and giving us a thumb up! Love when there are moments like that and then to capture it. And then he strikes a pose right in front of me, it was hard to laugh and not shaking the camera!

Lucky for us, the rain stayed away during the portrait shoot and the ceremony. Just dramatic dark clouds in the background.

Their wedding reception was at Newnham College in Cambridge. My gosh, that place is amazing! I have never seen so high ceiling and windows before. And then I saw the cake, I think I took way too many pictures of it but it was so beautiful!

It was such a lovely day and I’m so grateful that I had my handsome husband as an assistant and company.

There was a lot of partying and dancing when I left the reception, the bride and groom are really good dancers and it was lovely to see how everyone joined in!

Thank you, Delia & David, for choosing me! All blessing and love for you guys!



Delia & David’s wedding 2019

October 2, 2019

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