Quick update: Me and my fiancé is getting married in May. I have been blogging about the preparations and the journey for our wedding in England. Welcome to the crazy world of Mikaela and Cornel!

Over two weeks ago me and Cornel went to our wedding venue to get to all our important appointments. We had to reschedule two weeks before because of snow storm and when we went it was still warnings about snow again! Being from Sweden I don’t see the snow storms here in UK as storms or a big deal. But when it very rarely snows in UK and for that matter when it stays on the ground – I get it. It is terrifying. Especially when everyone is driving with summer tires!

We left on Sunday, got caught in the snow, the whole car just slides everywhere on the road and it was windy as well. We had to be dragged out by a tractor, it was so many cars everywhere. I was really scared and I could see that Cornel was stressed. He is a very good driver and I’m happy we made it safe and sound!

We found our hotel and we found a good parking spot. It was ice everywhere so we had problem to walk the short distance to the hotel. We decided not to take the car at all on Monday because it came more snow during Sunday evening. We were really happy that we travelled on Sunday and not Monday because on the news everything was standing still and loads of accidents on the roads.

We made it to our florist, wedding cake appointment, catering, looking at the venue again and a lot of other planning. We went home, I got sick with fever and sinus infection again and then on Thursday we went to Sweden. It was lovely to see family again and it was a lot of preparations for the party on Saturday.

Friday me, my mum went into town to meet up with my little sister. She wanted to buy me and Cornel a birthday gift so we walked into different stores. My mum was with us too even though she said she needed to buy some food. We went to a store where my little sister would buy some make up – and there they were. Crazy women standing up and scaring me. I got so surprised and touched so I almost started to cry right on that spot. My mum filmed it and just wanted to see my reaction so that’s why she stalked us and that’s why my sister acted very stressed and weirdly! Pauline, Emelie, Pernilla, Paulina, Benedicte, Lisa, Sandy and my sister surprised me! On a regular Friday! I didn’t think I would get a bachelorette party, specially not that day! They drew some whiskers on me, put ears on my head, a tail and then a veil. I think I never been that comfortable before! We went bowling, I was so nervous so I played very well and won. I had to ask people who they think I’m going to marry ( it was a paper with 6 different pictures of guys and people put a heart sticker on the guy they thought I would marry.) Unfortunately, Cornel didn’t win.

We went to eat Thai food and there my friend Sandra joined! I was so happy that she could come! We then walked to Lisa’s apartment and had some desserts. And they asked some questions for the future and about Cornel. I had such an awesome time and I wish I had some more picture from my bachelorette party! Thank you girls, so much for taking your time to plan the party for me! It means so incredible much for me! Love you all so much!!

My dear fiancé got kidnapped too, my very funny but sometimes little bit evil dad tricked him to bring fresh underwear and a towel. And they talked about wax in front of Cornel. They did escape room and had some food, so no waxing! He had an awesome time and I’m so happy that he got a bachelor party too!

On Saturday I woke up and was even more sick than before. My throat was hurting so much and my voice almost gone. But I knew that I had to power through because I didn’t want miss anything. We chose to have the wedding in England and we couldn’t invite everyone that we wanted too so we had the party instead. So, this party was very important for us! We had a lovely time, little bit of stress to fix everything and I wish I could talk to everyone.

The theme was United Kingdom so Cornel bought a queen face while I was just dressed up for a wedding. I really didn’t know what to wear actually and in England for weddings they have funny hats or hairclips. We had some glow in the dark sticks for the kids and balloons. I love when kids can also have fun at a party! My dear nephews were really handsome in their clothes and my niece Micah didn’t feel well either. So, me and her hanged out a bit. It was great to see my relatives again too, I felt little bit bad because I was running around so I didn’t have so much time to talk to them. I know they are happy for me and I’m so grateful that they came!

In the evening we were playing games, talked and just had fun. I loved the feeling of having Cornel there and him meeting my friends. I love my friends so much so I was so happy to see them!

Words cannot describe how happy I was for the weekend in Sweden! The people in my and Cornels life is so important and I want to make sure we never take them for granted. We are lucky to have them in our life and we are so happy that they came to celebrate with us! Thank you for every gift and well wishes! And thank you, my beloved parents for hosting and helping us with the party with both food and preparations! We love you all! ♥


Parties in Sweden

April 8, 2018

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