Yesterday I had one of those days I felt frustrated, bored and just stuck! I saw the beautiful light shine outside and into the apartment so I decided to take some pictures for my social media. I grabbed my wonderful flowers that I got from my fiancé when I turned 30. I grabbed my Happiness planner, a cute candle and put everything on the coffee table.


I realized how much I have missed shooting and being creative. I had so many ideas so I had hard time to finish one thing before I started with a new idea that popped up in my head. I was like a child in a candy store. The hours just passed away so quickly. It took some time to get the light how I wanted it and I promised myself that I need to do this more often and practice, practice, practice! That is the only way to get better! Portraits is my favourite but product shoots are more challenging. To use what you have in your home when it comes to light, props is great way to challenge yourself.

After I took some pictures I decided to take some self-portraits too. They didn’t turn out great because the sun disappeared around the corner and there were dark clouds just outside the window. I took a sheet as a background and tried to get as even light possible with my reflector. Then I had another problem, I need to change the battery for my remote because half of the time it didn’t want to work! When I didn’t get the light I wanted, then I can’t edit them as I wanted to do. Light is everything for me!

This time in my life is quite frustrating, so I really needed yesterday to just take time to do what I love.

I said to my fiancé that I sometimes feel like I need photography but photography doesn’t need me. What I mean is that today, 2018, there is a lot of great photographers! It is hard to stand out and everyone is running around trying to get bookings and those that have caught that momentum to be fully booked have a snowball running for them big time! For me..
I have just started rolling my snowball, new country, not the same support team I used to have, no friends yet and had a hard time with both job and health. (My tooth for being exact.)

In the meantime, as I work part time (hopefully full time soon) and then on top of that my business that I will get to roll my snowball more and more. To be able to do what I love the most. I read everything I can find and study hard for those things I’m not 100% sure about.
I love the quote, A business that only makes money is a poor business. That is so true for me, it’s something I want to have as a core value in my business. My identity is not in what I’m doing, it is so easy to be caught up in your self worth is how much bookings you get and how well you preform. Photography is a big part of me, I want to grow, learn and have adventures with my clients! My biggest dream is to be able to work as a full time photographer and serve my clients well! I freakin love my clients, they are truly awesome and I hope they feel that I care about them.

One great thing that is happening this weekend is that I’m going to meet one of my wedding couples to see their venue! I’m so excited!! It is not often I’m able to see the venue before the wedding so this will be awesome! I look forward to spending time with J & K also, they are awesome! I’m so grateful and happy to be the one to take their wedding pictures!

Here below you can see some of the photos I took yesterday. Further down you can see my frustrated face, before and after editing! 🙂 I look forward when me and Cornel can move so I can have place to have a home studio with awesome light! #thedream

Before and after editing. As you can see, the light was not great.
This is the perfect picture of my frustration with the remote! 


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March 8, 2018

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