I have felt bad for months that I have not blogged for a really long time! My excuse is that I had wedding brain and that I have been busy. I need to re-read my time management book!

I’m excited to blog about these two! J and K contacted me for a wedding meeting to discuss their day, what they want and looking for. We had a test shoot, which by the way I always offer to my clients when we sit down for a wedding meeting! I got so excited and happy that J & K chose me for their big day! And it felt very special because me and my husband got married 5 days later that week!

30/4/18 was a pretty rainy and stormy day, I had the worst start of the day with delayed trains and chaos at London Bridge Station. K was so awesome and calm and told me what I should do. That man, he was so calm the whole day, he can handle stress like no other person I have ever met!

When I came to Buxted I ran up to J’s wedding suite, she was getting ready by Alison Smith (IG alisonj.smithbridalbeauty)

I took some getting ready pictures and talked to J’s closest friend, her sister, her mom and her grandma. J’s Her dress… WOW! It is gorgeous! Perfect for a wedding at Buxted Hotel!

I was so happy and relieved to be at Buxted because I went with J & K to see the wedding venue before they got married. When it is raining the whole wedding day you need back up! So, I’m very grateful that Buxted have perfect places to shoot the first look and spots for portraits! We couldn’t even step on the grass at all because it was so wet and muddy! (Later I ran out and got all wet but it was so worth it!)

It didn’t matter that it was raining because inside the hotel there was pure sunshine – tears, joy and a lot of love! J’s & K’s tears really moved me. They are different but they make sense together and really brings out the best of each other!

J & K have really awesome friends and family, I talked to a lot of people that day because hey, they are all Swedish! (Some were EnglishJ)  They are lucky to have loved ones like that but also all the guest for having J & K in their life. They are a power couple, they are smart, they are funny and they know what they want, I really admire that! They will always have a special place in my heart!

Thank you J & K for trusting me and choosing me as your wedding photographer! I’m glad to call you two my friends!

I’m allowed to show pictures from the wedding but they prefer not to have their faces shown. So here comes some of my favourites!



J’s + K’s Wedding at Buxted Hotel!

August 7, 2018

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