It was in May I got a message on Facebook. “Hi Mikaela, we want to book you as our wedding photographer…” That is one thing I love with Ida. She knows what she wants! We talked about her wedding dress if she had any trouble finding a wedding dress, nope! She knew what she wanted! I feel honoured that she knew what she wanted when they were looking for a wedding photographer. And that they chose me! YAY!

After the first messages, we had a wedding meeting, a beautiful autumn day, went through their day and I got to know them little bit more. We went to the location for the test shoots and got some very beautiful pictures. The one thing that stood out for me when it comes to Joel and Ida is their smiles for each other is so genuine and beautiful. They are caring, loving and you feel so relaxed with them. I really enjoyed spending time with them at the wedding meeting.

And I loved spending time with them on their wedding day!

The day started out that I went to Ida´s parents’ house for preparation shoot. Hair and make up was Lovisas styling in charge of. Lovisa was almost done with the makeup on Ida. Ida put her dress on and her jewellery. While she was sitting to put on her red shoes (Loved that! Both that she has glasses and had red shoes!), I saw that she got reflection of sun on her shoulders. It was so beautiful. Sunshine and the waiting to see her beloved.

Days before the wedding there was snow in Sweden, when I land, it was all gone. Very cold and grey weather. It was a huge blessing to see the sun shine so bright on their big day! The day after the wedding it went grey and foggy again.

I got ready to leave to pick up Joel. I checked with him if he was nervous and he was not. He didn’t sleep that well but it was more about thoughts and planning for their big day.

We arrived, this time it was no leafs to hide behind from the sun. I knew it would be little bit tricky because the sun was really strong. I positioned Joel so he couldn’t see the road and Ida. It was freezing but Joel was a true champ! Ida arrived. She walked around the trees and I could see the biggest smile on Joel’s face. Ida had a huge smile on her face and she got closer and closer.

“ Joel”.

Joel turned around and you can see the joy and the love in his eyes when he saw his Ida. They hugged, kissed and shared a moment that was just theirs.

After their moment we started to take the wedding portraits, standing on the same place they months ago have stood on. After a while, the best man and the bridesmaid showed up for their portraits with the lovely couple. Ida’s bridesmaid is her big sister Lina, the one that recommended me to Ida! Me and Lina met years ago so it was a lot of fun to see each other again! Joels friend Oskar was the best man. Joel used to be a youth pastor and Oskar was one of his youths. After laughing a lot we went to the church.

I took some pictures from the venue (where the dinner and party would be later on), it was thankfully really close to the church so I could just run over.

After checking every last minute detail with the bride and groom, I went upstairs to get ready for the ceremony. It was a challenge for me because I have never seen so many different colours in one room before. I saw the church on the wedding meeting but you never know how the light is going to be months later and during the winter. Most important for me is to find the best light in a room. But nevertheless, it was a beautiful ceremony, wonderful music and happy guests. And a happy married couple!

Direct after the ceremony it was family portraits! I love family portraits because I know how much it means to have picture of everyone gathered. Celebrating together!

After the portraits, we went down to the photo wall Ida have made. Taking pictures of their guests and just enjoying their day!

Me and Ida went upstairs again and I shot some portraits of just her. The light was so beautiful and the pinecone trees was perfect to frame her in a beautiful way.

Soon after that, it was time for me to travel home again. Joel and Ida went with their car of the day to the dinner and the party with their guests!

It was truly a beautiful winter wedding and I was very excited to go home to look at the pictures!

Thank you Ida and Joel for booking me! All love and blessings to you guys!



Ida & Joel – Winter wedding 2018

February 4, 2018

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