Today I had a sweet photo session with Jenny & Linus! They are one of my awesome wedding couples for next year and I contacted them to ask if they wanted to have a little bit lifestyle photoshoot with me during the holidays! They were full on board to my delight!

I have always wanted to do a cosy photoshoot like this and I knew the perfect place. But I got little bit sad that the rain came and took the snow away. I would love to have some snow in these pictures! Maybe we would not last that very long if it was snow though..

I had great help of my fiancé that is very kind to me, he helped me to start the fire (it took forever to lit up) and then when I poured the hot chocolate that I had left to cool down little bit in one of the jars that I had with me, the glass exploded! So instead of a two jugs of peppermint hot chocolate it was just one with two straws. Pretty romantic and sweet still, right?

Jenny and Linus is getting married summer 2018 and during the spring I will have a skype meeting with them about all the planning. Today is was more a getting to know each other and talking about their wedding! I always love these interactions and see how I will shoot their portraits for their wedding day. I loved Jennys sounds effects and Linus saying that he didn’t know what to do but was a pro in front of the camera!

I hope you guys getting all the warm and fuzzy feelings that I get looking at these pictures! I’m looking forward to shoot their big day and capture their laughter’s and smiles!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s everyone!



Last session for 2017

December 26, 2017

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