In November I had a really fun and exciting photoshoot with three amazing doulas! Honestly, I had to google and read up on what Doulas do and wow, all cred to these three amazing women! Thank you again Charlotte, Laura and Ruth for being so awesome! I laughed so much while taking the images and […]

The Good Birth Place

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Today I had a sweet photo session with Jenny & Linus! They are one of my awesome wedding couples for next year and I contacted them to ask if they wanted to have a little bit lifestyle photoshoot with me during the holidays! They were full on board to my delight! I have always wanted […]

Last session for 2017

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I’m soon going to Sweden with my fiancé to celebrate Christmas with my family. I’m very excited and much needed some time off work. Specially when I have a fun photoshoots to look forward to! I really hope that we are going to have snow because that would be awesome pictures for the idea I […]

Portrait with Josephine Qvist

Mikaela Svarfvar Portraits Kent Photography

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I totally forgot to publish these pictures of beautiful Andrea, this time we are in Malmö. And we had awesome weather! (we where suppose to shoot two days before but it was raining, some hail and windy so we had to reschedule!) You can find Andrea HERE and her Instagram HERE! We had a awesome […]

Andrea Palomas part II

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This happy couple is getting married 2017! We met January 26th, pretty cold and cloudy day. But as you can see, the pictures turned out awesome. This couple are not strangers for me. Pernilla is one of my best friends and I’m thrilled to take this cute pictures of her and her fiancé. I’m look […]

Pernilla & Marcus

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