I met Sanna years ago. In fact, I think we were around 11-12 years old when we start talking to each other. We met through school and I think we were in the same dance group? (Not 100% sure though)
Sanna is a very talented in many ways and I remember when I saw her drawings my mouth just went wide open. I love to be creative but drawings… Nope, didn’t get that gene!

We went to the same summer camp when we were 16-17 years old and I remember what an awesome summer we had. 4 weeks away and I succeeded to break my arm in an American Football match with the guys so for 2-3 weeks I had to go around with my cask. I remember that Sanna helped me carrying stuff for me and we went for long walks. I remember that I really liked her humor and that she is so kind.

Since then we have kept contact through Facebook and sometimes we bumped into each other. Sanna is such a friendly soul and a lot of fun! I was so happy that she wanted me to be their wedding photographer! I had just met Emilio once before the wedding day so it was really nice to see them again.

Their wedding day was so wonderful. The ceremony was amazing and I got goose bumps all over my arms. The songs that was sang was so powerful, full of love and hope.

Sanna looked like a princess and Emilio looked like her handsome prince! Their smiles and eyes for just each other was so beautiful to see.

After the ceremony, we went to one of the locations, we had a bit of time pressure but we hustled. Sannas sister Camilla was a great help and was our private chauffer.

The place we went to… My oh my! I shrieked little bit because I got so excited! We were really happy that the weather was still on our side and the sun showed its glory time to time.

And the pictures… I got so happy when I saw the light, the couples smiles and everything just clicked. It was a very special moment to take their pictures, remembering all the fun times I had with Sanna and see us both grow up and being where we are today.

My dear fiancé was my assistant for the day, he was not my fiancé during the photoshoot because he proposed to me in the evening the same day!

I will always remember Sannas & Emilios wedding with a special fondness in my heart. They have one exciting future ahead of themselves and I know that they are much needed in this world. I’m totally in love with the pictures and I love how beautiful their love is for each other.

Here are some of the wedding pictures from their big day!


Emilio + Sanna I Wedding 2017

November 17, 2017

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