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Sorry for the very long pause here on the blog. I had very many reasons why it took so long time to blog, but one of the biggest is that I now live in London, UK!

I will blog about the move and everything that happened since I moved here later in a another blogpost.

I want to introduce our wedding photographer for you guys! Say what? A wedding photographer blogging about another wedding photographer? Is that smart? Don’t you want clients?!

Yes, sure I do! I want to blog about our wedding photographer because that I’m a wedding photographer!

When me and Cornel got engaged I started to think about wedding photographer directly. I wanted someone that I already had a relationship with and could work together with.

SO, here is my list why we chose our wedding photographer!

1. Team work –  I want our wedding photographer to take her best pictures ever. It’s both for her and for us. I want to work together with her, making sure that she knows what it is important for me and Cornel that we get those pictures what we dreamed of. And I want to help her to get the best pictures for her business too so she gets more bookings! For us we have made sure about details and locations so she doesn’t have think about that but of course let we her decide if there somewhere she wants to take pictures at. This is exactly I want with my clients! Working together because it’s team effort to take amazing wedding pictures!

2. Passion – our wedding photographer has a lot of passion for her business. Just like me! And we wanted someone that shows a lot of passion and go-and-get-it attitude!

3. Caring – She cares about her clients and making sure that everything is clear for the wedding day. She asks questions and is interested in me and Cornel.

4. Bubbly – I wanted someone that I know Cornel is going to like, as of rest of our loved ones! I know that our wedding photographer is a social butterfly and easy to get to know.

5. Quality – Of course I wanted a wedding photographer that takes great pictures! Our wedding photographer does that for sure! And she does it with quality!

6. Time – I wanted someone that I want to spend a lot of time with, specially on our big day! Getting to know someone and spend time with them is going to help me and Cornel to relax and enjoy our wedding day. And after the wedding we can look at our amazing pictures and remember how what awesome time we had together and with our wedding photographer!

For every reason, I gave you – they are the same reason why I want people to book me! I want my clients feel the same things for me as I do for our wedding photographer!

I think our wedding photographer takes better pictures than me, I don’t shy away to say that. I wanted someone that does what I’m dreaming of. Getting booked, being busy fulltime with photoshoots! And do it with splendour! I love her style, the joy that she captures and the joy she gives!

Our sweet wedding photographer is Martina Lundborg! You can find her website here! We are SO looking forward to work with Martina and we are so excited that she was free on our date!

Me and Cornel is looking forward to our wedding day so much! The wedding planning will speed up drastictly now when I live in the same country (WOHOO!)

Believe it or not – I don’t want to choose my own wedding pictures (depending on photographer they can choose the wedding pictures or they let you (the client) choose the pictures through a link). I fully trust Martina and trust that the pictures will be amazing. She doesn’t need a crazy bridezilla and wedding photographerzilla! (I don’t know if I’m going to be a bridezilla, we will see!)

Thanks for reading! 


Our wedding photographer

November 14, 2017

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