I thought I would blog about this beautiful wedding – much because I realised that the original blog post didn’t got published!

I met Anders & Linda for a wedding meeting and a test photoshoot, we talked through their day and what is important for them. They have a lovely farm where we met and cute dog named Doris. They have also cats that came sometimes to say hello. I really liked their style and that they had an old car that was Anders grandpa’s! (If I don’t mistake me) I love animals so I always get so happy to pet them.

As we were talking about locations they mention that they own a field that get purple flowers. I was thrilled! I have always wanted to take beautiful wedding pictures in a field so this was the perfect opportunity!

I counted down to their wedding, I arrived and met Linda’s and Ander’s family members, checked out the locations and the light because it always changes with the light during the year. It had been raining quite much the days before and when I took the portraits it started to rain but just drizzling. The sun showed up!

I think Anders and Linda thought I was little bit weird with all my excitement at the field before the ceremony, I had so much fun and so many angels to shoot from! I love the sweetness and the joy you get from Anders and Linda! And they were pro in front of the camera! And I was shaking of excitement because there was beautiful dramatic clouds behind them! I felt the pressure for sure!

It was a wonderful, intimate wedding with family and friends, getting married at their farm where Anders grew up. I made a little friend, Linda´s niece. Her hair is so beautiful and she was really curios about my camera and liked to have her pictures taken. She is so sweet!!

The ceremony was picture perfect, sunlight, smiles and laughter! I loved every single minute of it! I went home really happy because Linda and Ander’s wedding was truly beautiful and I knew that the pictures would be one of my best that I have taken! I love working hard on weddings and make sure that I cover everything. It feels so awesome to go home with a big smile on my face and the feeling of accomplishment!

I’m totally in love with their style of the wedding and Linda sew her own wedding dress! That is impressive!


Anders + Linda 2017

November 26, 2017

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