Right now I have my 5 year old nephew in my apartment (he is 3 years old in the cover photo! So little!!) Yesterday we had a lot of fun together. We went to the park, eat some ice cream and drinking smoothies and then watching a movie. The very last we did, we built a Fort where Gabriel slept in last night. He loved it and I put my led stars around it. When Grandpa called to say goodnight he got hear all about it.

Oh boy what that boy talks in his sleep! Shouting his little sisters namne, yelled 3 and then ran in his sleep. I was mostly awake to whole night but some reason I don’t feel tired. When I finally fell asleep I heard a little nephew playing in his fort, waiting for me wake up! 30 min before he was asleep! He had been waiting sooo long.

The moment that stuck out for me the most these hours we have been hanging out – we where eating at my table and on the wall I have some of my favourite memories with our family in a frame of 6 pictures. Every year we do something together, canoeing, go to a theme park or picking blueberries. We have always a lot of fun and the boys loves it. Gabriel looked up on the frame and said ” That one is my favourite because we laughed so much and Grandpa och Dad was laughing also!” It is a picture of Gabriel on his Dads shoulder and Matthew on Grandpas shoulder, running around and fighting each other. My nephews laughed so much that they almost fell off!

And then we sat and talked about every memory I had as a picture in my frame and he remember them all, not just what happened in the picture but the stories behind it. That is so precious for me. To sit and talked like that with my cute little nephew, he got so big now and turning 6 years old next week. I like that those pictures is not only important for me. It’s important for my nephews too and for the rest of the family. They will remember all those fun times and I have been able to capture some of their childhood in pictures. That is priceless.

Love spending time with my nephews! Soon it’s my oldest nephews turn to have alone time and sleeping over at my place. I’m looking forward when my niece is old enough so sleep over too!


“That one is my favourite because..”

March 29, 2017

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