Today I’m off to Malmö to have a photoshoot with beautiful Josephine Qvist. I’m very excited and pumped up for the great pictures we are going to get but also to hang out with her again. She is really friendly, easy to talk to and laugh with! AND she has the cutest dog ever!! You can find her on Instagram HERE, her Youtube channel HERE and her blog HERE!

I love doing collaboration with other companies like Josephine. The other day I had a quick photoshoot with Mattias Larsson at the beach. It was me, him and his cute dog Max. It have been a lot of dogs in my photoshoots lately. I don’t complain because I love dogs! (→ just look at the great pictures we got!) Mattias is a great filmmaker and HERE is his website.

AND this weekend I’m going to have a really fun and Easter(y) photoshoot with Fannys Praliner! We have been like crazy squirrels on messenger, sending pictures and sharing ideas what we need for the photoshoot. You find her HERE on Instagram and HERE is her website!

I love working with people that have dreams, ideas and are creative in different ways. No only that, all three of them is awesome people that I really like spending time with. It so much fun!




April 6, 2017

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