I moved to my own apartment when I was 17 years old. I’m right now 29 years old. 12 years. Wow, I’m getting old! But I saw something that I needed to do. Last year when I got my apartment that I have now – I had enough.

I had things with me that I didn’t use, didn’t want to save or had no value to it. 12 years of stuff. From being 17 years old to 29 is a big gap!

I have been putting this off for years, to finally clean up every box, every piece of paper that I didn’t need. It felt overwhelming and I stopped several times every day to just breath.

When it feels to much to handle or deal with – the only way to get freedom is to deal with it. Sort it out. Throw away. Forget the past and when you find something that you love and is good for your home you can buy it.

It took three days to sort all of my things, I think I drove 6 times to the garbage place to give away clothes I didn’t use and throw away stuff that was no value. I didn’t want to do the same thing that I did the other moves – clean one or two boxes and then get enough and put everything in one big box and seal it. I knew that if I didn’t do this now – It will be worse next time I move.

The feeling when I got home was incredible. Finally everything was cleaned, done and sorted. I felt this big joy to be able to start over. It was awesome to fix all my important documents for my company and my economy, that haunted me so many times and I hate when I don’t know where everything is, specially when it comes to my company. One great thing was that I had more┬áplace in my wardrobe, I had just the books that I really liked or want to read in my bookshelf.

12 years of stuff that have been on my mind many times was finally gone. It felt impossible sometimes but wow it was worth it. Life feels like that time to time. Something that is happening and you just want to clean it out, start over and have new energy for the future.

Dealing with the past is necessary to move forward to the future. I have learned that so many different ways during this 12 years by living by myself.


Sort it out

March 27, 2017

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