1. Get some feedback – If you have a friend that got married and loved their photographer, ask them. Ask them for advice, why did they pick their photographer? How did it feel to have a photoshoot with him/her?
    Talking to someone that has been through all the planing, the wedding and the delivery of the wedding pictures will help you a lot for your own wedding! You will realise things that you have never had thought about before or complications that need to be dealt with to get your dream wedding pictures!
  2. What is important for you and your future wife/husband? Having pictures on every detail from the flowers to the cake? Or is it to have pictures of your loved ones interacting with your new extra family members on your husband/wife side? Knowing what is most important for you will make it easier for the photographer to get those moments and memories for you to look at for years and years to come!
  3. Pick a photographer that you feel comfortable with! If you are not sure who to pick, schedule a meeting and talk about your big day! You will feel very relaxed when it’s right photographer! Getting married is a big thing and it is both intimate and private so choose a photographer that you feel comfortable with, that cares about your wedding day and that you know will do their very best to get all those lovely pictures you want!
  4. Pick a photographer because you like what they have shot before. Do some research, look at the pictures you like that the photographer have shot before and know that the photographer has taken look alike to those pictures. Add your own twist to it and voilá you have your dream wedding pictures!
  5. Show your personality – Do you and your future husband/wife like to rubbing noses instead of kissing? Or do you two silly dance in the kitchen together? This is a great way to show your personalities for the photographer and get both lovely and fun pictures! Maybe you and your future-to-be love racing cars or reading books? If so, you choose to have your photo taken in a beautiful library or on a race track. Or maybe you love being out in nature with your loved one so you want all the wedding portraits be taken in forest instead. There is a lot you can do to show your personalities! Pick a photographer that can capture all that and you will love your pictures! + you will have fun!
  6. Love yourself and your future spouse just as you are right now. Never had a professional photographer shoot you and your partner before? Don’t worry, pick a photographer that has a test shoot before the big day. You get to know your photographer and you can also see how you guys look in the pictures. Maybe you see poses that you don’t like or poses that you absolute love! This is a great way to take the heat off when you have your wedding portraits taken. And one big tip for you – LOVE YOURSELF. And love each other! The wedding day is all about love, enjoying the moments of your day and be positive. Forget about all the insecurities of how you look. You guys look LOVELY together!
  7. Pick a photographer where the price is right. Maybe you don’t have a big budget. Maybe you want to spend more money on the cake because that is more important for you than a good photographer. Never ever forget that pictures last forever. Today you can save your pictures on dropbox, hard drives, Instagram etc. You will never lose them. By keeping the other 6 ways to find your wedding photographer in mind you will be able to choose someone that has the right price for you and your future-to-be. It depends what kind of pictures you want. You can never save money to pick someone that does not know what they are doing. A professional photographer invests a lot of time to master different techniques, social skills, camera equipment and the right software for editing your pictures. It is not only to click a camera – it’s takes a lot of planing before the big day, taking great pictures and editing them afterwards  deliver the final products. Choosing someone that doesn’t have any experience has its risks and you cannot blame them if the pictures turn out badly. Choose a photographer that you like, whose price is right and you can feel confident that you are going to get awesome wedding pictures on one of the biggest days of yours lives!
  8.  Do all of these 7 ways to find your wedding photographer and I’m sure that you will love the pictures, the photographer and the experience to have an incredible wedding album!


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7 ways to find your wedding photographer

February 26, 2017

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