Get some feedback – If you have a friend that got married and loved their photographer, ask them. Ask them for advice, why did they pick their photographer? How did it feel to have a photoshoot with him/her? Talking to someone that has been through all the planing, the wedding and the delivery of […]

7 ways to find your wedding photographer

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  Being creative – it gives me joy, it calms me, encourage me to never stop learning and try new things. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes I need to work hard for it, but I always learn something from it! Creativity comes differently to all people but I love how it works and feel […]

5 reasons why I love working as a Photographer

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This happy couple is getting married 2017! We met January 26th, pretty cold and cloudy day. But as you can see, the pictures turned out awesome. This couple are not strangers for me. Pernilla is one of my best friends and I’m thrilled to take this cute pictures of her and her fiancĂ©. I’m look […]

Pernilla & Marcus

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