It has been a while since my last blog post and this year, I have as a goal to blog every week! And I’m already failing at it! I have felt bad if I blog about old images or a wedding that I forgot to show you guys it would not be new images. It’s better to do something and to catch up so I can show you a mixed between shoots from 2019 and new ones for 2020!

So, we start in December 2019. My husband Cornel and I went to my parent’s place in Sweden for two weeks. It’s crazy… It felt like we were away for one week only! But we enjoyed our time so much! Reading a lot, bathing sauna, eating yummy Swedish Christmas food and spend a lot of time with family and I saw some friends. And I played a lot with my sister’s cats that I love and adore. And they loved Cornel a lot too! I got jealous, because I wanted the cats to cuddle with me more!

And most of all, I made sure to hug and play with my nephews and niece. The boys are so big now so I get little bit sentimental with my niece Micah, I miss picking them up like I can do with her. The best thing is that I can capture her childhood also, just like I have done with Matthew’s & Gabriel’s. And yep, it’s still hard not to be able to see them as often I would love to see them. BUT, a big BUT, my nephews can now text me on Whatsapp! I’m so happy to be able to contact them and ask how their day was or sending funny emojis. So far is just Matthew, the oldest one, that have been writing and it have made everything feel little bit easier when we left 🙂 I always cry little bit when we go back to England.  I’m determined to be a part of their childhood and upbringing even if I live in another country!

It was a well needed time away and I love that I’m soon going to see my Dad again. He is just coming for a quick visit because he is crazy about expos, but nevertheless, love to see him so soon!

This year, I hope it’s going to be much more excitement, joy, love and boldness. I’m very pleased and excited that I now have a UK company, after a lot of back and forth. I’m might be little bit crazy because starting my company in Sweden 2015 was one of the scariest and also hardest thing I have done. I have learned so much about what NOT to do. This time is different, I have my awesome husband by my side. I’m very much a dreamer and he is a how person. We need each other and we work together so very well in many areas. I’m so happy that even 2019 was not a great year for me health wise and a lot of other wise, I still have my best friend and the love of my life next to me. I love waking up every single day and see his face and hear his laughter. I never ever want to take my man for granted. Or anyone else for that matter 🙂

2020 is going to be a year of new adventures for sure!

Here is some images that I took during our time in Sweden. I didn’t touch the camera or my phone a lot, and it was really nice to just be present and enjoy being home in Sweden.

Early morning, and a little Micah didn’t want to be out in the cold weather.

Matthew & Gabriel. They are turning 11 & 9 years old this year! (internal screaming)

One little smile when Gabriel tripped..

Warm jacket that she got from my sweet cousin & my aunt 🙂

Love this picture so much

Let’s do a ugly face…

Love Gabriels little face and then Micahs serious face hidden in the shadows

Girl talk

Uncle Cornel, my nephews & Micah would not given their blessing to any less worthy of their aunt Mickan!

Like I said, the cats loves Cornel. This is little Arwen.

Two cuties <3

And this is sleepy Gimli

Okay, so this rooster was a little baby chicken that several times took a dump in my mums hair. I still find that hilarious. And this bunny, he lives, eats, breath together with the hens and I’m pretty sure he think he is a hen.

Who is coming?

Wait.. is that a bunny?

Is that a bunny?!

The cats got scared off my camera so every time I took the camera down from my face they would come closer. They couldn’t decide if they knew me or not when they couldn’t see my face!

Is that the cats?

I was walking back to the house when I heard stomping, turned around and succeeded to take this image. I was laughing so hard because the bunny is really fast!

This is where Cornel & I spent a lot of time. Putting fire in the fire place, reading and have a purring cat in my lap.

Super model Gimli 🙂

This little lady can really purr a lot 🙂

And here is some Iphone images!
We landed the day before my mums birthday and she got spa and sleep over at Hus 57 in Ängelholm together with my little sister and I! It was so lovely and the hotel looks amazing!

My sweet Mum 🙂

And some random images from Christmas and the days after.

Those little feet! She is sitting and drawing with Uncle Cornel, he is not at the table when I took this picture 🙂


Christmas in Sweden & what’s new for 2020

January 14, 2020

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