Hey! I thought I would blog little bit, taking advantage that my fiancé have fiber!
This blog post is about Birgit and Jonatans wedding! They got married in Skara, Sweden. I drove up for 3 hours, had the best time listening to podcasts and music. I have actually never been to Skara or to that area of Sweden before. And wow.. It was SO beautiful!

It was not the best weather, foggy and rain. When arrived I got greeted of the bride herself! Me and Birgit got to know each other when I lived in Malmö years back, I played in her volleyball team for a short while too. It was great to see her and her sister Britta again 🙂

I got ready for first looks and I met the groom Jonatan down at the lake. When I turned the corner and saw the lake, I shrieked little bit because it was so beautiful! The rain and fog didn’t bother me at all anymore! I prepared Jonatan for what is up next and took some best man shots with his brother too while we were waiting for the bride.

I adore first looks so much! It’s such touchy movement and beautiful! And its a great way to get good pictures of both the groom and the bride! Seeing Jonatans exciting face and Birgits smile was amazing!

We shot the most of the portraits before the ceremony and then I walked to the church to get some shots of guests arriving. The church is a old and amazing place, and because of the rain and fog it was not a lot of light. For me as a photographer it is very important to be steady on the hand when it not a lot of light!
I love the ceiling of the church and the ceremony was wonderful. I love the picture of Birgit smiling and her now husband! They look so happy and it makes me smile every time I look at it! 🙂

After the ceremony we took some hug pictures and family portraits. After that we went to another place that Jonatan och Birgit wanted pictures at. Big trees, lake and fog = magic!

I had such a great time with them and I really love how cute they are together! They were so natural to stand infront of the camera, truly pros!
I went home very happy and excited to look at the pictures!
It was a beautiful fall wedding for sure <3


Birigit & Jonatan Fall 2017

October 10, 2017

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