One month ago I got the privilege to be this beautiful brides wedding photographer. I can say it was a emotional and crazy happy day!

I remember the first time I met Emelie, she came into class, new in school. She looked friendly and had a big smile on. But she also looked shy. We came next to each other and I start asking her questions because I know so well to be the new kid. And since that day we have shared many memories, laughter and life situations. Last year our awesome friend Benedicte got married in Ethiopia and I got to know Emelies future husband more. Daniel is such a awesome guy, he talks with everyone, getting to know them, easy to laugh and have the same humor as Emelie! I knew that Emelie and Daniel was right for each other because how she talked about him, how he talked about her and how they looked at each other.

Seeing her on her wedding day, preparing for the big day and put on her wedding dress was so special and nervous! I can still see the little girl that I met that day and we both have changed and grown up. Emelie is a beautiful woman – inside and out. But on her wedding day.. She was glowing with excitement and love! I have never seen her so beautiful and I love her dearly! I’m so blessed that God brought Emelie and Daniel into my life.


Getting ready for her big wedding day

August 17, 2017

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